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When partnering with Jorden Anderson Consulting, our objective is to provide you and your board of directors with the knowledge and information necessary to equip you to make decisions that further your organization's impactful mission. Each service is customized to align with the unique needs and circumstances of your nonprofit.

good advice

Package 1: Nonprofit Starter Kit 

  •   1-hour Initial Consultation 

  •   Organizational Grant Readiness Analysis & Recommendations  

  •   Basic Grant Research 

  •   Guidance on creating a strong Mission and Vision Statement 

better advice

Package 2: Nonprofit Growth Essentials

  •   Everything in the "Good" package

  •   1:1 Support to Address Grant Readiness Shortfalls   

  •   In-Depth Grant Prospect Research 

  •   Customized Grant Proposal Outline 

  •   Up to 3 Private Grant Applications   per month 

Package 3: Nonprofit Success Accelerator 

  • Everything in the "Better" package 

  • Comprehensive grant proposal development 

  • Board & staff training on fundraising, grants, and restricted gift management  

  • Grant fundraising strategy and grantmaker stewardship plan 

  • Access to a library of nonprofit resources and tools, including post-award management best practices  

  • Up to 4 private grant applications per month 


best advice

Curious about which package is right for your organization?


  • Customized Grant Proposal Development 

  • Customized Grant Template Development  

  • Grant Application Review and Editing 

  • Grant Budget Preparation 

  • Organizational Grant Readiness Analysis & Recommendations

  • Grant Research

  • Crafting a strong Mission and Vision Statement 

  • Board & Staff Training on Fundraising, Grants, and Restricted Gift Management

  • Fundraising Strategy and Donor Stewardship Plan 

  •  Troubleshooting Issues during the Grant Funding Cycle

  •  Post-Award Fund Management Training and Templates 


“Jorden takes the time to really get to know your work and utilizes it meaningfully to identify potential grant opportunities. She then has an exceptional ability to understand and write to the needs of specific funders.

– Dr. Jeremy Babendure, SciTech Institute


Q: Does Jorden Anderson Consulting work on commission or accept payment from awarded funds?

A: Nope! We uphold the Association of Fundraising Professional’s Code of Ethics, which states, “Members shall not accept compensation or enter into a contract that is based on a percentage of contributions; nor shall members accept finder’s fees or contingent fees.”

Q: What are the fees for each service?

A: The fee for each service ranges slightly based on the organization’s grant readiness. Please submit an inquiry to discuss the services you’re interested in and your organization’s grant readiness score!

Q: Can Jorden Anderson Consulting help me apply for 501(c)(3) IRS status?

A: Absolutely; however, Jorden Anderson Consulting does not provide legal advice and highly recommends that you have a lawyer review (at least) your bylaws before submitting your application for nonprofit status.

Q: What is Jorden Anderson Consulting's success rate?

A: There is no easy way to answer this question considering a success rate can be measured and strongly impacted by the nonprofit’s area of focus (education, human services, animal welfare, etc.), type of funding entity (foundation, corporate, or government), and scope of the grant opportunity (local, regional, state, national, or international). Therefore, we do not measure our success rate and always work aggressively to write highly competitive grant applications.

Q: Does Jorden Anderson Consulting help for-profit companies apply for grant funding?

A: Outside of government grants, there are very few grant opportunities available for for-profit businesses. As such, we work with for-profit companies on a case-by-case scenario. Please submit an inquiry so we can discuss your business’s needs and the services you’re interested in!



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