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Meet Jorden Anderson

Non-Profit Coach & Grant Writer

For nearly a decade, I have poured my heart and soul into non-profit organizations that rely on grant funding to realize their mission and achieve their vision. Each has been ranked as a national leader in their fields and are often among the select few to have their names printed on large checks, while smaller non-profits continue to struggle. This made me question one of the gaps in the non-profit fundraising industry: how are small non-profits expected to compete for finite and prestigious grant funding when they lack the training, resources, and support well-established non-profits have? This question created the platform to launch Jorden Anderson Consulting, LLC, and has served as my guiding star ever since.


My Approach

In all honesty, I’m a junky for education and mentorship. Since earning my bachelor’s degree in social work, master’s degree in social work, master’s degree in public administration, and certificate in LGBTQ studies from Arizona State University, I’ve made a self-commitment to learn from those who have excelled as non-profit consultants themselves, such as Dr. Bev Browning who is the author of more than 45 grant writing publications and one of the nation’s leading non-profit consultants. My approach has been developed by grouping the knowledge I’ve gained from these sources, with my experiences gained from working with dozens of non-profits, along with my ongoing memberships in the Grant Professionals Association and Association of Fundraising Professionals. Together, we will work hand-in-hand to embrace the power of good advice.

My Values & Beliefs

Authentic Honesty

I don’t believe in gimmicks, sugarcoating, and half-truths. Every organization has growth areas and if you want yours to have longevity, let me help you identify the areas of improvement.

Failure Inspires Success

Yes – it’s clique; however, it’s true. A huge part of grant writing and fundraising is learning from your failures. A declined application paves the way to leverage feedback and achieve future success.

With Coffee, Anything is Possible

No matter the time of day, there is always a hot cup of coffee on my desk or in my hand. As a business owner, toddler boy mom, and wife, I’ve learned coffee is the fuel behind any job well done!

“Jorden does amazing work for our non-profit. She puts her energy and thought into the grants that are applicable to the mission. She is timely and efficient, and her dedication to her work is evident. Highly recommend her services.”

“We are busy providing services, so we can’t do that and search for funding, too! Jorden Anderson Consulting helped fill that void and assisted with writing professional and successful grant applications. Jorden understands our positions and will go the extra mile to assist. She is a pleasure to work with and is highly recommended by us!”

“Jorden Anderson is a reliable grant writer that provides ethical and honest services. She is a dedicated hard worker and we have been satisfied with her services over the period.”

“Jorden is exceptionally quick at translating the complex world of behavioral health and manual therapy into a professional, easily understood grant application that truly validated my organization. Thank you, Jorden, for sharing your talent, and expertise it is irreplaceable, and I hope to work with you again!”

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